Real Estate Law

Oakville-Real-Estate-Law-ServicesMany people judge the quality of their real estate lawyer by the time at which they get their keys. In most cases this is not a good indicator. You may not know for sure if you had a good real estate lawyer until years later when you sell your property. There are over 200 steps in a real estate transaction if your lawyer is paying attention.

We have been practising residential real estate conveyancing since 1994. Our firm is small with an emphasis on thorough personal service and competitive pricing.

We believe we offer the best service for value combination in Oakville. Residential real estate conveyancing makes up approximately 70 – 80% of our work. Other practice areas include: Will and Power of Attorney drafting, Estate Administration, Family Law – Separation Agreements, Divorce and Incorporations of small companies. We also provide Notarial Services (in most cases while you wait).

Our clients tell us that we have an efficient friendly informal atmosphere where plain english is spoken and the time is taken to explain the process. Clients describe us as accessible, friendly, approachable and down to earth. We take all these things to be compliments.