Family Law / Divorce

Oakville-Family-Divorce-LawyerI have been practicing law since 1994 but only took an active interest in Family Law about 20 years ago after my own divorce. Many people, lawyers included,  believe (as I previously did) that people simply don’t try hard enough to make a marriage work.

The failure of my first marriage brought me quickly closer to the truth that it is much easier to stay in a bad relationship than it is to claw/fight/work/negotiate your way out of a relationship that is not working.

At age 15 my parents separated and later divorced. Subsequently I have been married and divorced. As a happily re-married father of two and stepfather of one, I understand the practical issues. My own personal experience has provided me with an enhanced understanding of the practical realities associated with separation and divorce.

I excelled in family law in law school and received honours distinction on the family law portion of the bar exam. At U.W.O. I studied family law under one of the leading authorities in the country, James Macleod.

I am not a specialist in family law. I only take files that I believe in and only take a fixed number of files at one time. The limited number of files I carry at one time allows me to be more responsive to my clients’ needs and take more time to learn the facts.

As a result of my professional and personal experience, I have developed a comprehensive program for turning a “failed marriage” into a successful divorce.